Meet Keira Rae Hocking.  Creator and writer of the Last Daze Blog.  Last Daze chronicles the adventures of Keira's alter ego Lala and she navigates the single life, friends and fashion in Melbourne, Australia.  

Wake up, he doesn’t care how you are, just how far behind your head your legs go
— Lala
The most unexpected of propositions are usually the raddest of them all. Maybe it’s because of the dormant Disney princess that lives deep down inside almost every girl, and sure my Disney princess is usually nursing a bucket of vodka and not a poison apple, but when things happen out of the blue, you kind of start to believe that there is such thing as a fairy-tale that wins against all odds
— Lala
In some crazy universal dose of karma for “times when you should shut your mouth”, I probably deserved this one. I’m not exactly known for my subtlety, infact my reputation for being inappropriately blunt usually precedes me. (Just an FYI for those of you playing at home: it is NEVER acceptable to hint that someone’s dick is too small, or that they are boring. Even during a break up. Even if it’s true. Apparently these are dot points that are never allowed to be used)
— Lala

This isn't the last you'll see of Keira on Arsenic.  She's rad and we love her dope style; more to come.